{love squared}

Presenting 'Love Squared' - a very pink quilt for Baby West.  I love the simplicity of the design and the opportunity to use a lot of fun fabrics.

I had to include these sweet cherries!

The quilt consists of eight 2 1/2" print squares and one 2 1/2" white square creating a 6 1/2" square alternating with 6 1/2" solid white squares.

She has my heart already!

I love the soft polka dot flannel for the back.

Love the purse

I used a pink/lavender variegated thread and a meandering heart pattern for the quilting.  Once I stepped back and looked at the quilting, I felt that there was too much 'blank' space and so I went back and quilted a soft wave between the rows of hearts.

I loved the fun, bright flower for the binding.  

In honor of Uncle Jason's mission to Japan

Did I mention Baby West is a girl?