{john & christina under the mistletoe}

John and Christina finally realized that the only thing that had stood between them and true love's kiss was their carrot noses.  Problem solved with gumdrops!  Block #6 of Tell Me A Christmas Story Quilt

{roxanne and her wreath}

Roxanne loved taking a little bit of Christmas with her every where she went.  who needs a scarf when you have a festive wreath?  Block #5 of Tell Me A Christmas Story Quilt

{pumpkin & the Christmas lights}

Everyone was shocked when Pumpkin volunteered to be in charge of the Christmas lights again - especially after last year's tangled fiasco!  Block #4 of Tell Me A Christmas Story Block
Hunting for shrooms

This block is dedicated to our anxiety ridden Pumpkin cat who sat in our garage and pulled out her hair.  The only time she seemed at peace was when she ate the brown mushrooms that occasionally grew in our lawn.  We could always tell when she had eaten some because we would find her sitting on the lawn and gazing peacefully at the clouds.


{frank's olympic dreams}

Although Frank failed to medal in the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, he carried warm memories of his hometown of Provo being chosen as one of the Olympic venues.  It was hard not to wonder what might have been if only he had landed his quad . . . 
(Block #3 of Tell Me a Christmas Story)


{tell me a christmas story}

Block #1 - Lucy hangs the last ornament

I love to create a name with the story behind it for each quilt I make.  My brain thinks in terms of connections and so it is natural for me to have a heart connection to quilts with a story.  I purchased the book, Intentional Piecing, a few months ago and had planned on making several of the quilts.  I put it in my "Project" pile and focused on finishing a couple of Christmas quilts I started last year.

Block #2 - Frosty & Flopsy

But then . . . I stumbled across the #tellmeastoryholiday blocks complete with stories on Instagram and I WAS HOOKED!  I don't pretend to think that this quilt will be complete by Christmas Eve but the first two blocks have left me giddy and anxious to do more.

I going to do "just one more" and then I really must finish the tree . . .