{G is for Gracie}

There are people in your life that
you want to celebrate.

My granddaughter, Gracie,
is one of those people in my life.
She has the kindest heart,
the deepest dimples
and the gentlest spirit.

Her quilt reminds me of banners.
The design is quite simple - 
long rectangles ending with flying geese blocks.
I wanted the quilting to resemble a banner
blowing in the breeze.

I'm not quite sure why the green circle photographed
more vibrant than in "real life".

 This quilt celebrates all things Gracie.

I used a soft flannel for the backing.

I think Gracie had a lot of fun with Aunt Vanessa
during our "photo shoot" by Provo River.

One last shot of the beautiful Provo River
on an autumn afternoon.


{ perfect . . . just perfect }

All art requires courage.
- Anne Tucker -

I have this pesky tendency to think
perfection is not only possible, it is required.

I was so excited about how this quilt top turned out.
I was making this quilt to celebrate the
arrival of a new baby girl across the street.

I made sure the mother loves pink & gray and
found the perfect pink polka dot flannel for the back.

I am learning to machine quilt using the
Bernina/Grace Company Quilt Motion setup.
I learn something new with each quilt.

I had skipped 'ahead' to quilt the borders
and center and planned to do the straight line work
off the frame and with my walking foot.
I thought I was paying attention but when
I took the quilt off the frame and looked at the back,
I found I had quilted in a couple of small tucks
because I hadn't smooth the flannel back enough
as I rolled the quilt ahead.

I could have cried (I almost did).
This perfect top RUINED!
As I fussed and teared up, my husband reminded me
that not one of my quilts has ever been refused
by it's new owner because is wasn't PERFECT.

I calmed down, unpicked enough stitching to smooth out the tucks, sewed
the binding on, and stepped back to admire the quilt.

I have determined to never let 'imperfection'
rob me of the joy of creating again.
(I think I need a sign.)

I love this quilt!  It's perfect because it was made
with love and, hopefully, will be loved by it's new owner.
I love the bias stripe binding!  I love the floral border!

I looked up the definition of the Greek word teleios
that was translated into perfect in the New Testament.
Teleios is defined as "brought to its end,
finished wanting nothing necessary to completeness".
And so I can honestly say that this quilt is simply perfect!

{Did I mention that after washing and drying this quilt
you would never know where those pesky tucks were?}

Quilt Information
Finished size 39 inches square
Center - White Kona Cotton 25 inches square
Center circle - 9 1/2 inches across
Dresden petals - 5 1/4 inches long finished
(6 inches unfinished)
Border - 7 inches wide finished (7 3/4 inches unfinished)
Quilting - Straight stitch & Linda's Daisy digital design

Center quilting design came with Quilt Motion


{ in the leafy treetops quilt }

I love the the robin IN the bird bath and the look on the other robin's face.

As a child, I loved the song
"In the Leafy Treetops" (the birds sing "good morning").

I still love birds singing in the tree tops.
After reintroducing quack grass to our yard,
Mr. W. and I made a compromise that I would
only use black sunflower seeds in my bird feeders.

This spring my bird bath has been a beehive of activity.
I have been delighted to see multiple birds
drinking and bathing and vying for a spot.

I saw this pattern and loved the two colored twist.

Using this as my inspiration, I set out to create my own.
(I would have been ahead time wise to have
bought the pattern but this is what I came up with.)

 In the Leafy Treetops Quilt

The solid colors are Kona cottons.
The leafy treetop fabric is a Cloud 9 fabric from JoAnn's.

The back is a Peter Pan fabric I purchased in the 90's.
(I'm trying to 'shop' at home more . . . )

The quilt design is a beautiful bird and flower from
Quilts Complete.

Quilt information
Finished size - Width 39" Length 48"
Orange border 1/2" finished (1")
Bird border 5" finished (5 1/2")

{ He knows me }

 Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings,
and not one of them is aforgotten before God?

 But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered
Fear not therefore: ye are of more value
than many sparrows.

- Luke 12:6 & 7 -


{ 24 Carrot Quilt }

In honor of spring and bunnies everywhere,
I present my Fancy Nancy Original 24 Carrot Quilt.
This quilt makes me smile!

I LOVE the orange/blue/brown combination!

Look really close for my quilting

I'm really proud of my 'carrot quilting'.
Loopy loops on the carrot tops and
'carroty' texture on the carrots.

My quilts tend to 'evolve' more than be planned in advance
and so I was delighted to find the perfect border
and binding fabric after the carrots were pieced.
(The carrot fabric was already in my hoard collection.)

The carrots on the back make me smile.

My sweet helper/photo bomber is currently
serving as a LDS missionary in Uruguay.
I had to include her sweet baby blues.

And her shadow hand puppets.

I paper pieced my carrots (I was struggling with
accuracy on biased edges) but the shapes are
simple enough that you could add seam allowances
to the shapes and piece them that way.

The blue border is 1 1/2 inches (1 inch finished).

My Mom's clothes line

The floral border is 4 1/2 inches (4 inches finished).

The striped binding is on the biased (my favorite).
I cut my binding 3 1/2 inches wide,
use the right edge of my walking foot as my seam allowance, and stitch it by hand.
It finishes to a beautiful 1/2 inch binding on the front
and a little wider on the back.

The quilt finishes at 43" x 65".


{ happy st. patty's day! }

Today is one of the worst holidays for 
my severely red/green color blind Mr. W.
He went through school, year after year,
never quite sure if he was wearing green
on St. Patrick's Day.

It wasn't until he was 17 that he was officially
diagnosed as red/green color blind.

Every morning I make sure he 'matches'
and today we tucked a pen with a green cap
into his shirt pocket just in case.

He is so color blind that before we were married,
he bought a grass green suit thinking it was brown.
It was our first donation to DI as a married couple.

Here's to the wearing of the green
(even if you can't see it)!

My Kona Cotton Rainbow

Tennessee Williams said
"Luck is believing you're lucky."

I consider myself one very lucky girl!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!