{david's quilt}

I rarely don't love my quilts once I've finished them (I put a lot of thought and heart in them) but sometimes a color combination just makes your heart sing.

I was slow to fall in love with gray but I have decided it is a true and dependable friend in the color world.  It can stand alone and be striking but it can also take a step back and let other colors shine.

This quilt is based on the Vintage Baby quilt pattern by Yoyo Mama Designs.  The great thing about this pattern is that by top stitching the raw edged 2 1/2" squares to a background/batting/backing sandwich, you "piece" the top AND quilt the quilt at the same time!

The first time I made this pattern, I used a water soluble marking pen to mark my grid and pins to hold my squares in place while I sewed.  By the time I was finished sewing all of those straight lines (and trying to dodge all of those sharp pins), my arms looked like I had wrestled a porcupine.

This time I used a Frixon pen (the ink disappears when ironed) to mark my grid and Roxanne's Glue-Baste-It temporary basting glue to hold my squares in place while I sewed.  Lifesavers!!!  If you don't own these two sewing tools, buy them.  I have found many uses for these two items.  They might seem a little pricey but the glue goes a long way and the pen is so versatile.

The pen eliminated having to dab my quilt with cold water to remove the grid lines after the quilt was sewn and four tiny dots of glue - one in each corner - held my squares firmly in place once I had finalized my design and while I sewed/quilted this darling quilt.  I love this basting glue because it washes out and leaves the quilt soft to the touch.  

A white flannel with a tiny green dot pattern and a Bonnie & Camille navy print with a green dot cut on the bias was the perfect binding.

I've realized that every quilt has taught me something about myself, quilting or life (I guess they're really all one in the same).  This quilt taught me to not let long held opinions or thoughts - "I don't like gray." - dictate how I feel or think today.

A few years ago my dad declared that he did NOT like Mexican food.  When I asked him the last time he had eaten Mexican food, he answered "Never".  He just knew he didn't like it.  To my dad's credit, he was willing to go to a great local Mexican restaurant and give it a try.  He found out that some of it he didn't care for but other entrees he actually enjoyed.  Isn't that the challenge and the adventure of daily living, to stay open to life's possibilities and be willing to give new things a try.  Thanks Dad for being willing to try refried beans.

And guess what, I LOVE gray!