{are you my mummy?}

1. Glue two wiggly eyes to a glass.  I used a low temp glue gun and different sized eyes.

2. Tear a 1 1/2 inch mummy colored piece of fabric the width of the fabric (approximately 42").  Put a dot of glue on the back of the glass at about the same height as the eyes.  Stick one end of the strip to the glue.  Wrap the strip so that it falls above and below the eyes.  Secure the end with a dot of glue.

3. After the party, pull off the fabric and pry the eyes off with your fingernail.  If they won't come off easily, fill your glass up with hot tap water to soften the glue.

I think he's my favorite.

Bezzant Boo Juice

1 pkg Cherry Koolaid
1 c sugar
1 lg can frozen orange juice concentrate
2 quarts of water

Mix until the Koolaid, orange juice and sugar are dissolved.
Right before serving, mix equal parts of punch base
and Sprite together in a pitcher.
Allow a little extra space in you pitcher
because the punch will foam a little
when you first mix it with Sprite.

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