{pinterest, you failed me . . . }

After looking over a few Halloween Pinterest boards, I decided to try two of the ideas.

The first one - empty toilet paper roll spooky eyes.  After saving A LOT of toilet paper rolls, cutting out a variety of spooky eye shapes, spray painting some of them black (my second mile effort), sticking glo sticks inside of them and clothes-pinning them to my bushes, I was left with a "That's it?????" feeling.  They fell extremely short of my expectations.  As Elf would say, "Pinterest, you sit on a throne of lies."

But . . .

The second idea turned out stellar!  I present the black garbage bag spiderweb.  My first attempt looked more like a giant black snowflake but once I got the hang of it, I was cranking out spiderwebs left and right.  This was a great addition to the Orange Dinner this year.

From now on when I look at Pinterest ideas I will remember - If it's too good to be true . . . 
it may not be true (or at least not as cute/easy/clever as someone makes it look.


  1. AWESOME spider webs, Nancy!! Guess you COULD make snowflakes out of WHITE garbage bags?? Just sayin....