{fancy nancy flying geese ruler}

I love my Quilt In A Day flying geese rulers!

I decided that for quick reference and to save me having to retrieve the instructions every time I use my rulers, I would type up the dimensions of the squares needed for the two sizes on each ruler and tape them to the ruler.  (If you saw my sewing/creation lab, you would understand how useful this has been.)

First, I pasted a picture of a "goose" and the measurements for both rulers to a document.  I made it small so they wouldn't obscure the guidelines on the ruler.

Second, I printed my document and trimmed down my squares.

Third, I turned my rulers RIGHT SIDE FACING DOWN and used wide, clear packing tape on the WRONG SIDE of my square (I made it small enough that I had a thin edge of tape extending beyond my square on all four sides) to adhere my square to the WRONG SIDE of my ruler.

Fourth, I turned it over, admired my genius and went back to cutting the gigantic flock of geese that I need for a very special Fancy Nancy quilt.

I'm hoping that by taping it to the wrong side of my ruler underneath my gripper strips and protecting it with the layer of packing tape, my instructions will hold up for a very long time.


  1. Great idea! I will have to try with a few rulers that I own and always can't remember what to do with them. I hope you show pictures of your "Fancy Nancy Geese" quilt when it is finished. Your quilts that I have seen are all gorgeous!

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