{along came a spider . . . }

{along came a spider . . . }
The back is a black print from Hobby Lobby & leftover orange wedges  
I love quilts!  I've always wanted a cupboard full of them.  Large, small, pieced, quilted, it didn't matter.  I started collecting patterns and fabrics, gizmos and gadgets but my fear of the end result not being 'good enough' kept me from cutting in to my growing fabric collection. 

Quite simply, I was frozen by fear.

One day, as I was admiring a quilt that Mr. W's grandmother had made, I realized that all of her seams didn't match perfectly and that she had actually run out of one fabric and finished with another.  I didn't love her or her quilt any less because it wasn't perfect.  Truth be told, I loved her and her quilt even more because she had not let perfection rob her of using her God given talents to bless her family and express her creativity.  Why was I holding myself back?  
I thought "For Pete's sake Nancy, it's fabric not heart surgery!"  Go for it and enjoy the process!

Can't go wrong with a stripey binding!

And you know what . . . not one person that I have gifted a quilt to has refused it because it wasn't perfect.  That love, that imperfection, that ME that is in each of my quilts is what sets them apart from 'store bought'.

Inspiration for the quilt's name
I am enjoying the process and along the way I am 
making a dent in my goal of a cupboard full of quilts.

In honor of all things Halloween, I present my
'along came a spider . . . ' quilt!

I used this as my inspiration.  
I didn't want a H A L L O W E E N quilt with novelty prints.  Instead, I opted for more graphic blacks, whites and oranges.  I cut 12 inch wide strips and then sub cut them into wedges.

(Unfortunately, I made this before the chevron craze because I think a little chevron would add a lot of zip! - 
I guess I'll just have to make another one :)

I still have the quilt label to make 
but in the meantime, enjoy!


  1. It turned out GREAT mom!! I'm glad that you are enjoying filling your cupboard with quilts! You have been given an amazing talent!!

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