{stars for asher}

Stars for Asher

I made a baby quilt for Asher using this great pattern.  

I just loved the graphic nature of the quilt.

I love using stripes on the bias for bindings.
Before the quilting and binding

Well, Asher is all grown up (4 years old!) and needs a big boy 'Grandma' quilt to snuggle under.

(I don't think his mother ever let him 'use' his baby quilt ;)

I wanted to do something that referenced back to his baby quilt but was 'age appropriate' for him now.  I found the great spaceship fabric at Joann's and decided to make a 'scrappy' looking quilt with the spaceships as the star fabric.

I cut strips the width of the fabric in various widths (1 1/2" - 4") pulling the bright colors from the spaceship fabric.  I sub cut those strips in to 10" lengths.  I even had a few of the fabrics that I had used in his baby quilt.  I used the spaceship fabric in every block.

Recognize any of these fabrics in the new quilt?

I sewed a variety of strips together to give me an approximately 10" square.  I pressed all of the seams open and squared the block off to 9 1/2".  Believe it or not, it is very hard for me to be 'random'!  I have to really concentrate to achieve a scrappy look.

Details of the stars & suns quilting

Once I laid out the quilt blocks out, I decided it needed a little more 'zip', something to add a visual pause in the busyness of the blocks.  Before I could add the red/white polka dot corners, I had to finalize my layout because I was only placing the white dot fabric on the 'inner' blocks and only on opposite corners.  I cut 3" squares out of the white with red polka dot.  I drew a diagonal line on the wrong side of the square, laid two on each 'inner' block, sewed down the line, trimmed off the excess corner, folded back the dot and pressed.

from Moda's Bakeshop

For some reason, they remind me of the starfighters in Star Wars.

I backed it with a fun plaid flannel, bound it with the spaceship fabric and filled it with lots of love.

I think he likes it!

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  1. He LOVES it!! And I still fight the urge to put it in a glass case :)