{ countdown to heart day - day 5 }

When we pulled up our deep Pleasant Grove roots and moved to Provo,
we brought a piece of Pleasant Grove with us
and used it on the exterior of our house.
{Actually Mr. W. picked up 35 pallets
of orchard rock from my Dad's Battlecreek orchard.}
If you look closely, you can see the heart-shaped rock
that I had the masons place next to our house number.

This fun wreath is made from Christmas clearance items.
I had a heart-shaped wreath base from an old willow wreath.
You could make a heart shape from a wire hanger
or a heavier gauge wire.
I wrapped two packages of red loopy garland
{which I paid $2 for} around the wire base.
Then I wrapped a strand of clearance Christmas lights
around the heart and finished it with a red tulle bow.
Total cost for the wreath was $3.50!

I leave it on day and night
and silently send my love across the miles
to my Hermana West in Uruguay.

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