{ I can sew a rainbow }

I have fallen in love with quilts 
made from solid colored fabrics.
I love the weight and feel of Kona Cottons.

As I build my stash of Kona, it has become clear
that there is no way I can remember all of the colors
and there is no labeling on the selvage.
{There are currently 271 colors offered by Robert Kaufman}

I came up with the perfect solution.
As soon as I buy a color,
I take a fine point Sharpie {black or brown}
and write enough of the color name
on the selvage on one end of the yardage
so that I can identify it later
BEFORE I wash the fabric.
After I take it out of the dryer,
I trace over the name again if necessary.

When I go to cut a piece off the fabric, I cut from the opposite end,
preserving the name until the last couple of inches.

I just wish I would have thought of this sooner -
I have some 'orphans' that I don't remember their names.
Who knew there could be so many shades of blue!

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