{ happy heart day - in honor of my dad }

Yesterday I was at the mall walking with
my friends, Wilma and Shirlene.
Sees Candy Store was open early in anticipation
of husbands and boyfriends realizing that
Valentine's Day was the next day
(I personally LOVE Sees Toffeettes!)

I turned to see an older man leaving Sees with
a bag full of chocolate love.
My heart and breath caught for just a moment
when I saw his white hair, tan jacket and
slightly forward leaning gait.
And at the moment, I missed my sweet Dad
all over again because, you see, 
he ALWAYS remembered
the girls in his life every Valentine's Day.

I wanted to go home and wait for his call.
The one telling me that he was coming over
with chocolates and flowers, the one that let me know
that no matter how old I am, I'm his baby girl.
The one that let me know that I am never alone
in this life and that my Dad was there with love,
humor and great advice.

To love and be loved is the greatest gift a person can have.
To have had it from the beginning
is what I will celebrate today.

p.s.  I will share a tutorial at a later date
for my original "Whooo Loves You?" Quilt.

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