{ countdown to heart day - day 6 }

I am the keeper of my grandmother's button box.
I've often wondered about the story behind each button,
especially the unusual ones.

In the spirit of button boxes, I decided to do a Button Heart project.
I found this great frame a couple of years ago at the grocery store for $1
(if you have the time to browse, you never know what you can find
at the Dollar Store, Walmart or the grocery store.
Just go with an open mind and sharp eyes.}

I loved the frame because it had the heart-shaped plastic rimmed 'mat'.
You can still do a heart shape on a flat piece of card stock or foam core
cut to the dimensions of your frame.

I wanted a fairly uniform white border and so I went
back to the grocery store (you read that right, the grocery store)
and bought a package of white buttons for $1.50.
I gathered the red buttons and the remaining white buttons
from my own button box but, if you don't have a button collection,
there are thousands of darling buttons
you can buy at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels or any fabric store.

I used a clear drying white glue to glue my buttons to the backing
once I had decided on my layout.
I tucked in a few heart buttons just because.

I actually display this Button Heart year round in my family room
atop a shelf holding an antique quilt, a gift from my sister.
If you look closely, you can see my grandmother's button box
next to the Button Heart with a bird perched on top.

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